Molly St. Louis
Molly St. Louis is a creative content producer, writer, and spokesperson, with a deep background in working with and covering advanced technologies.
Formerly a marketer, St. Louis remembers a time when Google Adwords was still a relatively new concept. When she landed her first CMO role, she watched as social media and big data exploded onto the scene and changed the landscape for businesses everywhere. She had to learn in real time, just like every other marketer of her generation, and eventually started writing for Yahoo, The Huffington Post, and Inc. to share her findings.
Writing started off as a fun pastime and grew into her deep passion. As technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence made their way into the mainstream, she understood the deep need to relay such complicated subjects to the general public and ended up building an entire career by sitting in a room with some of the world’s top engineers, data scientists, hackers, astronauts, and military professionals, seeking to understand their complex innovations and sharing their stories.
Today, St. Louis still writes for Inc, as well as Adweek’s Digital Transformation vertical, covering the latest and greatest business tech. She’s also been the spokesperson for several technologies, as well as a public speaker on the subjects of technology and storytelling, drawing on her background as a SAG / AFTRA and Equity actor.